Every San Jose homeowner has heard and read about short sales at some point or another in their quest to sell or buy a home.

The term Short Sale is actually used to describe a stage in the Foreclosure process during which a homeowner tries to sell his home (while he/she still owns it) for less than what he has borrowed to pay for it initially. The process is referred to as a short sale because homeowners are ‘short’ to repay their lender(s).

During a short sale, homeowners, with the help of a Realtor, will also initiate negotiations with their lender(s) to make them accept a lower settlement, ideally as close as possible to the price at which they are trying to sell their home.

If you are cornered in a short sale situation, here are the 3 things you need to do right away:  understand what your true financial situation is, do not stop paying unless you are obligated and get advice from a Realtor about how to initiate negotiations with your lenders.

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Sophia Delacotte
Your Realtor in Almaden Valley